I think we have more Roosters than Hens

It is still too early to be completely sure, but it looks as though the roosters out number the hens. We knew that it was theoretically possible that we could end up with all roosters, but I figured we would be closer to a 50/50 split in a worst case scenario.

While doing the evening chores last night I separated them based on their size, combs and feathering. The ones with the big flashy combs, shiny neck and tail feathers and big bodies (not to mention aggressive) numbered fifteen. Those ten that remained were definitely smaller, gentler and less impressive looking.

Even with only ten hens we are still expecting between forty and sixty eggs a week as they lay between four and six eggs each. We sill have a couple more months before this happens.

This means we have to learn how to butcher sooner than later, or try to sell some roosters.

In other farming news, the potatoes are finally thriving, the corn is doing well and the onions are taller than the weeds. Our neighbour was kind enough to lend us his lawn tractor. The kids had been push mowing the yard and were doing a good job, but with the acres we have there is not way we could get it all done.

Abigayle is recovering well from her surgery. She is finally talking again and eating. She refused to take anymore Tylenol or Advil after day three (which is when it it supposed to be the most painful). We figure it was upsetting her tummy, and even though we were pushing the medication, she listened to her body and ultimately made a great decision.

It was hard for us though as the doctors and nurses were very insistent that the drugs be administered for seven to ten days consistently or she would be in lots of pain and would have to come back to the hospital. Plus the fact she couldn’t communicate with words to us. I am impressed at her strength as she endured this extremely well. It is so nice to hear her talking again and to see her eating.

Surgery Day for Abby

We had to get up before the sun yesterday to take Abby to the hospital for surgery.

So we were able to enjoy the sunrise on the drive in to Grande Prairie. We had to be checked in by 6 am and the surgery was scheduled for 8 am.

The surgery was successful and they said she did really well. She was quite cranky coming out of the anesthesia, which some kids are. There was a little boy in for the same procedure who’s parents said it didn’t slow him down one bit.

Abby had to stay overnight because she has had sleep apnea in the past so they like to observe those cases a little closer.

Laurel spent the night with her and it was a difficult sleep. But, she was released this morning and we are back home. We have to keep her from running around and hydrated for the next 7-10 days.

She is one tough cookie.

Happy Fathers Day!

I awoke this morning to eggs, bacon and coffee. It was awesome. I also received a pile of homemade cards, pictures and gifts from my kids. It is a great reminder of how lucky I am.

In this day and age there is a real and dangerous attack on the family and especially the father. Centuries of tradition and practice are disappearing and the ramifications of which are starting to manifest in our society in a very real and terrifying way.

Fathers are portrayed in mainstream media as bumbling idiots or childish and in need of a strong woman to mother them and keep them from doing stupid things. I have no issue with strong women helping their husbands, but the result is a generation of men that do not know how to be men.

We are being told that biology is subjective and that gender is a societal construct, both of which are demonstrably false. This style of reasoning is eroding the foundations of society and it scares me to think of what kind of future my children and grandchildren will have. We men are no longer allowed to be men, that being manly is sexist and has no place in our society. Our kids are the ones who will suffer for this.

The current push is to eliminate the days honouring our parents because of feelings. It is probably the saddest thing I’ve seen and it concerns me greatly. The traditional family has been proven to be the most stable and empowering environment in which to raise children and to destroy that simply because it might hurt someone’s feelings is ludicrous.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have both parents involved in their lives and those that do have to compete with careers and media for their time. It is a daily struggle for me to deny myself and put into my kids what they need and deserve. It is not an easy job to be a parent, but if it isn’t hard it ain’t worth doing.

I hope that my legacy to my kids is not an inheritance of money or of things, but of an honourable life. A life worth repeating.

To all you fathers out there, Happy Fathers Day!!

A Blustery Day

I kept waiting for pooh bear to go flying by as it was quite gusty the last couple days. The grey skies and wind made working outside unappealing, and therefore we didn’t get as much done as we had hoped.

This tree fell where we were mowing just a couple hours before. It was one that I had wanted to cut down but couldn’t because it has been windy. Just thankful that it didn’t fall on anyone.

The corn, tomatoes and onions are all doing well. The potatoes are finally coming up too.

The chickens are thriving. They eat like crazy and when they see us coming they flock to the gate and swarm whoever goes in. I have to make sure I wear gloves cause they peck at my hand when I grab the trough.

The third wave of the mosquito-pocalipse has begun. It rains just enough to hatch a new batch and they swarm anything that moves. It sucks.

We are hoping the sun comes out and it warms up sooner than later. The grey skies are wearing us down.

Hope you all have a pleasant week.

Frost Strikes Again

Jack Frost has teamed up with the Grinch to ruin summer. It seems as though their attempts to destroy Christmas have changed to summer vacation.

For some reason June is colder than May. Twice now we’ve gotten frosted and the daily temperature is barely hitting 20 degrees centigrade.

The first frosting took out most of our cucumber and squash, the tomato plants survived for the most part. The second frosting took out some more, but the corn and tomatoes seemed to have survived.

Seriously considering building a greenhouse out of cattle fence and plastic. I’ve seen some on YouTube and it looks good, portable and affordable. Plus it would extend the growing season.

Put up a semi-permanent fence for the chickens around the shed, which was a task due to the curiosity of the chickens. I rolled the fence over to where they were free ranging and went to move some stuff out of the way. When I came back they were in and around the roll.

They wouldn’t move, even when the fence was rolled. We ended up feeding them as a distraction until we were done. It sort of worked.

They were under foot the whole time, but we got it up with out injury.

We are going to have to build a proper chicken coop before summers end, but for now they are happy.

Time Flies and Stuff

It has been a while since my last post. Not from a lack of things happening, but because I recently went back to work full time. Trying to fit everything into the day something’s going to fall through the cracks.

The garden work continues although we’ve had some setbacks in the form of frost. The one evening I didn’t check the forecast we woke up to frost. Of course we had just planted our squash, pumpkin and cucumber seedlings a day or so before. We lost most of them and just a couple of the tomato plants. The corn and onions seem to be thriving, however.

The chickens are in the teenager phase already. I am amazed at how fast they grow. One can see the changes daily. They are out in the grass every day decimating the bugs and dandelions. I especially like the fact they seem to have a taste for mosquitoes, which have been terrible this year.

I got the lawn tractor into the shed and pulled the transmission. It was pretty obvious what the issue was.

I opened it up and one of the gears is missing 15 teeth.

A new transmission from John Deere is around $1000. I found the parts on eBay for around two to three hundred.

So much to do, never a dull moment.