Time Flies: Part 2

It is amazing how fast time flies. It’s also amazing how good intentions go hand in hand with time. I often think of the blog and intend to write something… and here we are six months later.

So I suppose a quick update is in order as much has gone on since Christmas.  We moved back to Alberta at the end of February as I got a job at a GM dealership service writing.  We found a great house that fits us really well and settled in.  Two weeks later the world shut down.  Two weeks after that I was temporarily laid off, and as of the begining of June I have been perminately laid off.   Not what we envisioned when we moved.

We are still evaluating our options moving forward.  We are only renting this house and are in an open lease, so we can leave if we need too.  It’s hard to know which way to go as the world is in so much turmoil at the moment.  We are trusting that God has something great for us if we are patient and are faithful.

Gardening in containters this year

The shutdown did not have as big of an effect on us as most people, but it was and is still hard to go through.  I have no love for the “new normal” and really hate the way people are being treated.  It was erie going to town and seeing everything closed and hardly any people out and about.  We try to focus on the positive and not let this get us down.  It was a happy day for the kids when they reopened the playgrounds (us too). 

Emberly on her first birthday

We celebrated a few birthdays in between.  Marideth has turned 15, Abigayle has turned 7, Ulrich has turned 12, Georgia has turned 13 and Emberly has turned 1(already)!  We get a birthday break until August.  Somehow each of the children has got their own month, only Laurel and I share.

Gramma came for a visit.

I truly hope everyone is doing well with all that is going on.  Our travelling friends we hope to see you on the road again someday.