Is it Spring yet?

We appear to be at the end of “third winter” here in Saskatchewan.  It seemed as though spring may never come, but the forecast is worthy of some optimisim as we are approaching above freezing temperatures in the next couple of weeks.

The pregnancy is approaching 30 weeks now and Laurel is doing well, considering.  She has had gestational diabetes with the last few pregnancies and has to monitor her blood sugars closely.  We are seeing three doctors with this one.

We had a family friend make a gender reveal cake for us.

The renovation project is progressing slowly but surely.  The house had a flood last year so the basement needed to be emptied and redone.  The drywall was cut back 2 feet from the floor, the furnace and hot water tank needed to be replaced and the whole house needed to be freshened up as it was heavily smoked in for many years.

The original layout for the basement was a single bedroom, bathroom and a large open area.  We enlarged the bedroom window to legal egress size and added another in the open area so as to add a second bedroom.  The bathroom is being reconfigured to make it flow better and soon we should have new carpet and paint.  I’ve learned some new skills working with Laurel’s uncle including drywall and plumbing.

Upstairs we painted and pulled all the carpets.  Laurel and I found some hardwood floors on sale for a really good price and hopefully we will get them installed soon.  The doors will all be replaced as well as the windows.

We are missing life on the road, however.  We reflect fondly on our trip last year and the friends that we made.  The itch to get moving is still there and we constantly talk about where we should go and looking at different travel trailers.  We hope that travel will once again be a big part of our lives sooner than later.

Hope you all have a great spring!!