Moving right along

The summer is passing quickly here in The north. It’s hard to believe that we are already half way through July and I’m not even half way through all the projects I wanted to do. Such is life I suppose.

We are having some transmission issues with the bus, added onto some electrical problems to solve. It sounds like a filter or solenoid needs to be replaced. Fingers crossed it’s not a rebuild or replacement issue.

The strawberries we planted are producing nicely. There are multiple berries on each plant and the kids check them every day for ripe ones. A couple squash plants survived the frost and are about to flower, as are the tomatoes.

The chickens are free ranging and are quite amusing. They come running when they see me and follow me around the yard. They seem to really like watermelon rinds and leave nothing but the outer skin behind. We definitely have more roosters than hens, will have to do something about that sooner than later.

Abigayle has fully recovered from her surgery and is back to her dancing and chatting. She recently lost her first two teeth…in the same evening.

It is stunning how fast they grow and change. One always thinks they have lots of time to do things and be present, but it goes so quickly.

Hope you all are having a great summer!!