Long Time No Update Big Changes

What can I say?  Time flies and things tend to get away from me from time to time.  The seasons have changed rather rapidly here in northern Alberta.  Our summer was cool and wet and fall never really happened.  The garden (and the gardens of most people I’ve talked to) did not produce much.  One or two potatoes per hill, itty bitty little carrots and so on.  We did get a pile of tiny tomatoes, however.

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The egg production is in full gear.  We are getting from seven to nine eggs per day and they are delicious.  I have a couple customers at work already for the extra eggs.

Now for the big change. We sold our house. We were beginning to think nothing was going to happen until next spring, then suddenly we are a week away from moving out! The buyers requested a quick possession, and since we had hardly anything in the house anyway we agreed. (We got rid of most of our stuff last fall before travelling.)

We are heading for Moose Jaw for the next little bit. This gives us some time to regroup, pay down some debt and make a plan. We are sad to be saying goodbye to our acreage, but we are certain there are better things ahead.

Needless to say things have been and will be busy for the next little while. Posts will be whenever I get a chance until things settle down, but we are looking forward to sharing more with all of you as things progress.

Have a wonderful day!