And Then This Happened…

So we’ve been busy packing and loading and cleaning….all things that seem really tedious and never ending when you are moving. Fortunately we got rid of most of our stuff last year, but it is amazing how that little bit that’s left can multiply.

To make matters more interesting, we got some sort of stomach bug on Saturday night/Sunday. Our plan was to be on the road Sunday afternoon, but I was too sick to do much if anything. We managed to finish loading the horse trailer as our friend Nancy was still planning to go ahead.

Plus we had a winter storm.

At least a foot of snow fell on top of some freezing rain that fell the night before. Awesome (with as much sarcasm as I can muster)! We plowed ahead (oun intended) and by noon on Monday we were all feeling better and ready to hit the road.

We drove as a convoy, myself and five kids in the bus and Laurel and a co-pilot in the truck. Our oldest went with our stuff the day before and was in Moose Jaw by the time we left our former home. The roads were crap for the first 200 kilometres, several cars and big trucks in the ditch, so we were moving slow.

We spent the night at a hotel in Stony Plain and were back on the road by 8:30 the next morning. The roads were bare and dry and we were able to go the speed limit for the rest of the trip. We arrived in Moose Jaw just as the sun was setting.

It was a long couple of days, but we made it safe and sound, just in time for winter!