It’s A New Year – what we’ve been upto for the last little bit

Oh my, does time fly.  I don’t know how many times I’ve planned to come to the computer to put out an update on the blog, only to put it off.  We left the acreage in November, right after a crazy snow storm and during a crazy cold spell.  The first part of the trip was over extremely slippery high ways and the rest was through blowing snow and cold.  I was pulling the trailer with the bus and Laurel followed me in the SUV.

Abby and Eowyn in their Christmas dresses

We took two days to drive to Moose Jaw Saskatchewan where we’ve set up for now.  Laurel’s family is from here so we have some roots and we are currently renovating her uncle’s house while we rent it.  The last few weeks have been spent pulling up carpet, prepping and painting walls and trying to sort through everything we packed up and brought along.

Party of four, passed out

I suppose I should also let you all know that we are currently expecting baby number eight.  Surprise!!  We are due towards the end of May (according to the ultrasound) but we think it may be sooner.  This of course changed our plans for this winter as we would probably have headed south again, but with doctor visits and such we felt we should maybe stick closer to home.

Titus tuckered out at Grandpa’s house after supper…he couldn’t get down without help so he had a nap

So while we are here four of our girls are in snycronized swimming and another is in horse riding lessons.  We will get the boys busy in something soon as well.  We were too far out of town before to put the kids in these kinds of activities and they are quite enjoying them.

Syncronized swimming lessons

We miss acreage life, but were unable to afford living there anymore, even with me working full-time.  We’ve slowed down, are taking some time to get our affairs back in order and are trying to decide where to go next.  We miss life on the road and the friends that we made, plus there is so much more to see and do.  In the mean time we are enjoying family and figuring out what is most important to us.

I hope you all are having a fantastic New Year and I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks.

Had quite a few days of hoar frost this fall.