Cracked my screen, oh my!

So for the first time ever I cracked the screen on my iPhone. This is my third phone and I have to say I was pretty proud of my record. I was even so cocky that I didn’t think I needed a case anymore.

Well the Bible does say pride comes before the fall. Sure enough I dropped it on the pavement and cracked it. Shoot.

It wasn’t too bad and I thought I could live with it as getting it replaced was about $90. But then I let Titus play on it while waiting for the windshield replacement and he dropped it on the concrete floor. Shoot. Chunks of the glass were now missing.

I ended up buying a replacement screen kit off of amazon for $26 (and a case for $10) and watched a couple of YouTube videos on the replacement procedure. What’s the worst that could happen?

The kit came with the necessary tools, the screen, a magnetic pad to keep track of the screws and a screen protector for after. The instructions were surprisingly good as a few reviewers on amazon stated otherwise. Lots of pictures 😁.

I started in the evening because I figured it would be better than in the day with the kids. I should know better. Curiosity was high among the younger kids. Darkness was also an issue and I had a portable light wedged in the window above my workspace to help. Well someone slammed the outside door and the light fell right in the midst of the operation.

I thought it was over at that point as the screws in these phones are very tiny and are all different lengths. They all have a very specific home and I had them placed on the magnetic pad which has a diagram showing their places. Well the falling light rearranged a few of them and one disappeared altogether.

Stop. Breathe. Count to ten. Start searching for the missing screw.

After a fruitless search of the floor and surrounding area, I found it inside the phone. Sigh of relief.

The operation continued. After about half an hour the phone was back together and working (yay). The only issue I seem to have is with my home button now sitting properly. Turns out I installed the plate that holds the button upside down.

All in all a successful operation. Money saved, skills learned, patience tested.

All Good Things…

Our time here is quickly coming to an end.  We have a week left before we start making our way home.  It is hard to believe that we’ve been here for three months already.  Our time here has been amazing and will be with us for a long time. It will be hard to say goodbye.

We have mixed feelings about leaving. We’ve built so many great relationships and have grown extremely comfortable here. In a sense we feel like this is home. At the same time there is an overall feeling of restlessness among all of us. A desire to get back on the road and have some more adventure.

This week has been spent getting the vehicle ready for the drive back.  We had the windshield replaced in Sierra Vista, and had the oil changed in Huachuca City. I flushed out the hot water tank and installed a new anode rod. This is something we have never dealt with as we hardly used our trailer before this year and it showed.

I will be doing the vinegar flush when we get home to get rid of the rest of the scale.

We will spend the next few days cleaning out the bus and trailer, trying to get everything back in it’s home. We also need to decide which way we are going home. The weather is probably the biggest factor we have to consider. Currently we are leaning towards the west coast route but still have some planning to do.

Made this in the instant pot the other night. Probably the best meal we’ve made with that thing since we acquired it.

I hope to have more frequent updates and posts as we travel. Until next time…

Wind and Fire (Plus a new alternator)

It’s been a blustery few days here in south east Arizona. Gusts are nearly 50 km/h from the south west and rocking the trailer.

A fire started on the mountains to the north east of us the other afternoon. I’m happy that the wind was blowing the smoke away from us. By the next morning it had burned itself out and we could hardly tell anything had happened.

We drove to Sierra Vista to get groceries and let the kids play at the playground the other morning. My battery light had been coming on intermittently for a week or so, but this day it stayed on and the volt meter started to drop.

A little google searching and a strong hunch led me to believe that my alternator is faulty. Turns out the Ford Diesel engine we have has two alternators and the bottom one has a cracked casing. Called to parts store and have one on order for the following morning.

I spent about five hours switching out that alternator. When I got the old one out it was seized right up, glad I didn’t lose my belt! Getting the thing in there was tricky as it was wedged between the frame and the steering linkage, but I’m creative and “Tetrised” it in there. Test drive into town and back and everything seems to be working normally. Yay!! I neglected to take any pictures, but it was boring so here are some sunset pics instead.

Laundry Day – and “what’s that in the hose?”

Today was laundry day, also known as drudgery day according to our neighbours down the street. We’ve put the drudgery off for a few extra days and it sure piled up. We took it into Sierra Vista to the laundromat as the park here is full and finding the machines available is like winning the lottery (or you have to go in the middle of the night).

All total we had nine loads. The machines we used were all double or triple loaders so we would have been all day here. It was really good to get that all done and we have grand intentions of downsizing the craziness some more.

The other fun thing involved dumping the tanks today. I generally have to dump the black tank every other day. I went and pulled the valve and went to have a chat with our neighbour while gravity did all the work. I came back to find this (look away if you are squeamish):

What the heck is that??

I didn’t want to try and flush that down the line and cause a blockage so we had to open the hose and not spill on the ground. A box and a garbage bad did the trick.

It was a bread bag. I figure that our three year old was having some ‘me’ time in the bathroom and flushed that. Makes me wonder what else he’s disposed of.

Crisis averted, laundry done. Good day.

Lunar Eclipse, and Breakfast

Yesterday morning we got up at three am to take in the super blue blood moon. For those who don’t know, the moon is at it’s closest point in its orbit of earth which gives it the super part of the name. Blue moon refers to the fact that it is the second full moon of the month (which usually only happens every 2.5 years but will happen again in March) and the blood moon is, of course, the lunar eclipse. This particular combination happens every hundred and fifty years or so, once in a lifetime you might say.

We had brought our telescope with us but had yet to use it on this trip. We invited our friends to join us for breakfast at the clubhouse, so at three thirty am we were carrying stuff to make pancakes and a telescope across the rv park. The eclipse started around four thirty local time, peaked at around six thirty and set behind the mountains just after seven around the time the sun came up.

Breakfast consisted of pancakes, eggs, bacon and muffins. It was a fantastic feast and was well received by the kids.

We had a good time eating and fellowshipping and watching the moon slowly fade and disappear.