I think we have more Roosters than Hens

It is still too early to be completely sure, but it looks as though the roosters out number the hens. We knew that it was theoretically possible that we could end up with all roosters, but I figured we would be closer to a 50/50 split in a worst case scenario.

While doing the evening chores last night I separated them based on their size, combs and feathering. The ones with the big flashy combs, shiny neck and tail feathers and big bodies (not to mention aggressive) numbered fifteen. Those ten that remained were definitely smaller, gentler and less impressive looking.

Even with only ten hens we are still expecting between forty and sixty eggs a week as they lay between four and six eggs each. We sill have a couple more months before this happens.

This means we have to learn how to butcher sooner than later, or try to sell some roosters.

In other farming news, the potatoes are finally thriving, the corn is doing well and the onions are taller than the weeds. Our neighbour was kind enough to lend us his lawn tractor. The kids had been push mowing the yard and were doing a good job, but with the acres we have there is not way we could get it all done.

Abigayle is recovering well from her surgery. She is finally talking again and eating. She refused to take anymore Tylenol or Advil after day three (which is when it it supposed to be the most painful). We figure it was upsetting her tummy, and even though we were pushing the medication, she listened to her body and ultimately made a great decision.

It was hard for us though as the doctors and nurses were very insistent that the drugs be administered for seven to ten days consistently or she would be in lots of pain and would have to come back to the hospital. Plus the fact she couldn’t communicate with words to us. I am impressed at her strength as she endured this extremely well. It is so nice to hear her talking again and to see her eating.

4 thoughts on “I think we have more Roosters than Hens

  1. Too many Roosters in not what you need to get eggs, Maybe some chicken dinners can fix that problem.
    Hope Abigayle is soon fully recovered with no side effects.

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  2. Sounds like you are going to end up with lots of eggs still and a freezer full of food!
    Thinking of Abigayle as she improves. She seems to know, on her own, what is best for her healing process. Smart young lady.

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