Frost Strikes Again

Jack Frost has teamed up with the Grinch to ruin summer. It seems as though their attempts to destroy Christmas have changed to summer vacation.

For some reason June is colder than May. Twice now we’ve gotten frosted and the daily temperature is barely hitting 20 degrees centigrade.

The first frosting took out most of our cucumber and squash, the tomato plants survived for the most part. The second frosting took out some more, but the corn and tomatoes seemed to have survived.

Seriously considering building a greenhouse out of cattle fence and plastic. I’ve seen some on YouTube and it looks good, portable and affordable. Plus it would extend the growing season.

Put up a semi-permanent fence for the chickens around the shed, which was a task due to the curiosity of the chickens. I rolled the fence over to where they were free ranging and went to move some stuff out of the way. When I came back they were in and around the roll.

They wouldn’t move, even when the fence was rolled. We ended up feeding them as a distraction until we were done. It sort of worked.

They were under foot the whole time, but we got it up with out injury.

We are going to have to build a proper chicken coop before summers end, but for now they are happy.

5 thoughts on “Frost Strikes Again

  1. Darn Jack Frost! Sounds like your greenhouse idea is a good one for your area. I’ve been good so far with the lowest temp. being 6C. Can you cover the plants with an old sheet at night? I’d hate you to lose anymore.
    I can’t get over how big those chickens are! They must be more than curious, they must be happy!

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