A Blustery Day

I kept waiting for pooh bear to go flying by as it was quite gusty the last couple days. The grey skies and wind made working outside unappealing, and therefore we didn’t get as much done as we had hoped.

This tree fell where we were mowing just a couple hours before. It was one that I had wanted to cut down but couldn’t because it has been windy. Just thankful that it didn’t fall on anyone.

The corn, tomatoes and onions are all doing well. The potatoes are finally coming up too.

The chickens are thriving. They eat like crazy and when they see us coming they flock to the gate and swarm whoever goes in. I have to make sure I wear gloves cause they peck at my hand when I grab the trough.

The third wave of the mosquito-pocalipse has begun. It rains just enough to hatch a new batch and they swarm anything that moves. It sucks.

We are hoping the sun comes out and it warms up sooner than later. The grey skies are wearing us down.

Hope you all have a pleasant week.

3 thoughts on “A Blustery Day

  1. glad the tree came down at the opportune moment, saves you chopping it down but the clean up isn’t nice.
    The chicks are teens now, the dating begins. Oh-oh (good practice for you)
    Nice to see your plants coming up, hope the weather warms up for you soon with sunshine. Mosquitoes can sure ruin a nice day.

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