Happy Fathers Day!

I awoke this morning to eggs, bacon and coffee. It was awesome. I also received a pile of homemade cards, pictures and gifts from my kids. It is a great reminder of how lucky I am.

In this day and age there is a real and dangerous attack on the family and especially the father. Centuries of tradition and practice are disappearing and the ramifications of which are starting to manifest in our society in a very real and terrifying way.

Fathers are portrayed in mainstream media as bumbling idiots or childish and in need of a strong woman to mother them and keep them from doing stupid things. I have no issue with strong women helping their husbands, but the result is a generation of men that do not know how to be men.

We are being told that biology is subjective and that gender is a societal construct, both of which are demonstrably false. This style of reasoning is eroding the foundations of society and it scares me to think of what kind of future my children and grandchildren will have. We men are no longer allowed to be men, that being manly is sexist and has no place in our society. Our kids are the ones who will suffer for this.

The current push is to eliminate the days honouring our parents because of feelings. It is probably the saddest thing I’ve seen and it concerns me greatly. The traditional family has been proven to be the most stable and empowering environment in which to raise children and to destroy that simply because it might hurt someone’s feelings is ludicrous.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have both parents involved in their lives and those that do have to compete with careers and media for their time. It is a daily struggle for me to deny myself and put into my kids what they need and deserve. It is not an easy job to be a parent, but if it isn’t hard it ain’t worth doing.

I hope that my legacy to my kids is not an inheritance of money or of things, but of an honourable life. A life worth repeating.

To all you fathers out there, Happy Fathers Day!!

7 thoughts on “Happy Fathers Day!

  1. that is a very deep post about a very deep subject. In my humble view, you are certainly proving to the world and more importantly to your family what it is like to be a Father. I highly doubt your children will grow up without anything but the strongest family virtues if you and Laura continue on this path. I love the way you started your post. Your wife and children made you ‘things’ and that is a very traditional Father’s Day in my eyes. I miss when my children were small and the best gifts were so simple.

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