Garden Work Continues

Work continues on the garden spaces.  I tilled up the main bed and raked it into rows for planting.  I think this is where we will plant the carrots, lettuce, spinach, beans and peas.

Transplanted the zucchini into a raised bed as they were starting to be too big for the jiffy pots we had started them in.  They look pretty good in there.

I managed to lock myself in the greenhouse (not the first time). The wind blew the door shut behind me as I was watering some plants. Luckily I had my phone and could call for help.  Unfortunately this was of little help as Laurel had left her phone in the house to charge.  She was close enough that I could shout her name and she came to rescue me.

We also prepared the spot for the corn and transplanted the seedlings we started earlier last month.  They were starting to look not so good in the green house so in the dirt they go.

We took a bunch of hay and the garden tiller over to the last garden spot and worked it in as deep as we could.  Trying to get some compost and fluff up the dirt a bit.  We then layered a bunch more hay on top and watered it excessively.  Then a layer of landscape fabric and we transplanted the pumpkins into it.

5 thoughts on “Garden Work Continues

  1. Everything looks wonderful! You get enough sun in that first bed for all those veggies you named? I’m not much of a gardener anymore so just asking. The dirt looks very rich though. Good for you, getting things in the ‘real’ ground!


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