Tree Farm

Esther and I went to help out the people with the sheep on their tree farm.  They needed help getting pots in the ground and seedlings planted and watered.  We started the morning by rolling out a tarp and stapling it to the ground.

Then I helped to fill pots while Esther put the liner pot in the holes.  There were a few other kids around they they all followed her around for the rest of our time there.  Apparently they were fighting over who got to sit with her at lunch.

After the pots were filled we planted trees in them, placed some mulch around the tops and placed them into the liner pots.  Then I helped water them and we went for lunch.

It was a nice time, got to meet some new people and watch Esther interact with some new children.  She has a babysitting job in the future with this couple.  We got to go see the sheep before we left, much to Esther’s delight.

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