A large family….whaaa??

We are a large family.  What exactly does that mean you ask?  We have more than the average amount of kids.  We have more kids than what qualifies as a family pass at the movies (generally this is four kids).  We have more kids than you can fit in the average SUV.

We have seven kids.

According to Stats Canada, in 2011 the average family in Canada had 1.1 kids.  It is amazing to note how quickly our ideas of what constitutes a large family has changed.  When our grand parents were kids, families commonly had a dozen children or more.  Now if you have more that three kids people look at you like there is something wrong with your mental state.

We chose to have lots of kids, even though our families, friends, doctors and society told us we were making a mistake.  We weathered comments of “don’t you know were babies come from?” and “how can you afford that?” and even “are you catholic or something?”.

We decided, even before we were married, that we wanted a large family.  We have been blessed beyond our expectations and would not trade any of it for anything in the world.  Is it easy?  Of course not, but anything worth having isn’t.

It is challenging.  We fail as often as we succeed.  The hardest part is to not be selfish.  To think of your family members before yourself and to put their needs above your own is extremely difficult, especially in our western society.  Everything around us screams at us to put ourselves first.  We are learning day by day to leave that behind.

Now we are a family of nine, sharing 240 square feet and one toilet. We are way beyond living in a tiny home, we are in a micro home. This forces us into a whole new dynamic and creates challenges for us to overcome. Privacy is nearly impossible, we are constantly tripping over one another and yet we are closer as a family.

We don’t know how long we are going to be living like this, but we are having the time of our lives.

Day 12

We are really enjoying our time here at Elephant Butte.  We can’t get over how beautiful it is here.  I has been great to be stopped for a while and relax.  We are still trying to get our trailer and bus organized so as to make life easier.  I’m sure this will be a work in progress forever.

We enjoyed our coffee outside this morning looking over the lake.  We had visits from some cute fluffy bunnies and the quail.

The kids named him Peter.

The excitement for today was overflowing our grey water tank.  I had already decided that we needed to go an dump our tanks, but did not realize how badly until the sink in the kitchen wouldn’t drain after doing the breakfast dishes and discovering our bath tub was half full (sigh).  Fortunately it was the grey and not the black, although I’m sure it wasn’t far behind.

Had a great visit with a full-time couple George and Suzie from Canada who gave us some great advice and encouragement. (a link to their blog here: geosuzie.blogspot.com).  We are headed in the same general direction and hope to run into them again.

The park today was much busier as it is the weekend and the weather is so great.  We decided to keep the kids close to the camper today as they had three days in a row of sunshine and swimming and there are some sunburns and general irritability amongst them.  We have one more full day here for sure, but still have the option of staying a few more if we want to.  It would be very easy to just stay here, (Eowyn asked me if we could stay here forever today) but there is so much more out there to go and see.

The sunset this evening.