And then there were 10 (chickens that is…not kids)

Downsized the flock of chickens last week. We had 15 roosters to our 10 hens and that was going to be an issue sooner than later. The boys were becoming more and more aggressive so we had to do something.  I put an ad on Kijiji and a few days later someone came and bought all 13 I had advertised.

We kept back 2 roosters to guard the flock and possibly make more chicks in the future.  Two days later both roosters disappeared.  We assumed they wandered into the woods (as they often would) and possibly got lost as they were seen throughout the day.  I hoped they would turn up at 9 pm when they put themselves away in the chick shaw.

The next day, when they still failed to show up we started to search for signs in the woods and neighbouring field.  All we found was a pile of feathers deep in the trees.  My guess is it was a weasel.  The dog is pretty good to keep the larger predators off the property and because the roosters like the woods they made themselves targets.  Fortunately the hens like to stay close to the house and we’ve not lost any (yet).

Things are much quieter, as the boys were getting pretty loud and I miss my buddy.  There was one rooster (one of the ones we kept) that would come over to see me whenever I was outside.  He would follow me around and chatter at me as I worked in the yard.  He would also stand up on the deck outside the door and crow.


Hopefully we start getting some eggs soon.  I should start happening any time now.  The tomatoes are getting large and the potatoes will be ready for harvest soon.  The corn is over 6′ tall now and we have a monster sunflower that is at least 15 feet tall!

Have a great day!


One thought on “And then there were 10 (chickens that is…not kids)

  1. Well, isn’t that just crazy!! Sorry to hear about the roosters’ fate.
    Good luck with the veggies. I need to see a picture of that 15′ sunflower beside the kids!! My favourite flower! 🙂


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