A Leap of Faith

After months and months of back and forth, we finally decided to list our property. It was a difficult decision and one that we agonized over for quite some time. Ultimately we miss life on the road and being all together as a family.

The kids have all asked me at some point about when we are moving back into the camper and why I keep leaving everyday. I also miss the freedom we had to go where we wanted when we wanted.

We are also attracted to the minimalist lifestyle. We both have a history of maximist tendencies (me more so than Laurel) and the liberty that comes from not having materialistic attachments is awesome. I still have some progress to make in this area, but it gets easier over time.

At the same time having a home base to come back to is nice. As much as I’m itching to travel, I know it is just as important to stop for a while and unwind, re-evaluate and relax.

So now we wait and see. Our realtor was pretty optimistic we could sell fairly quickly, but these things are never certain.

4 thoughts on “A Leap of Faith

  1. Congratulations on the decision, we know you can do it and the whole family enjoyed last winter as we enjoyed meeting up with you guys a few times. you have an awesome family! So many places to see and people to meet , Hopefully the listing on the house goes well and we will meet up again on the road.


  2. wow, that is a huge decision and we are so proud! It sounds like you have a great property there and I think the ‘liberty’ and relief you’ll feel when it sells will help you with the maximist tendencies. 😀 You sure seemed happy enough when we met you down south. Look forward to seeing you all down the road! Good luck and congrats on your decision!


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