Raising the Roof

I’m a couple of days behind in my posts.  This was from three days ago.

Another cool and windy day here. At least it’s not raining. We had the chicks out in the morning for a bit when it looked like it was going to be sunny. It wasn’t long before the clouds rolled in and the chicks were piling up trying to stay warm.  We ran an extension cord and the brooder light out to the chickshaw to warm them up.  By lunch we decided to just put them back in the shed.

We were working on making some portable fencing using the hog fence and some posts. We cut the hog fence into 6 foot sections and attached them to the post on one end. We made hooks on the other and they simply hook on the opposite side of the post.  The idea is that we can set up the fence where we want the chickens to work and move them everyday.  Almost free range.

After lunch we tackled finishing the roof for the chickshaw. We picked up the wood the day before from Home Depot.  It took us 2 or three hours to coble this together and it is heavy!  I think the designer used plastic sheets for the roof, all we had laying around was metal.  When the roof is lifted the whole thing tips backwards.

So we added some training wheels to keep it from going too far back.  I still have to cut the extra tin off to finish, but the battery for my sawsall is pretty weak and I can only go a couple feet at a time before charging.

Just need to put the handle on for pulling and it’s finished!!

2 thoughts on “Raising the Roof

  1. Love the training wheels on the chicksaw. You do what you have to do. I’m sure the chickies are growing daily.
    What kind of work do they have to do? 🙂


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