Working Hard and Hardly Working. Slowly Building our Hobby Farm

Today was a beautiful sunny day!

We woke up early, and had an early breakfast, thanks to our lovely 13yr old who baked us muffins and made us coffee. Then we proceeded on with our outside errands.



First we had to let the chickens out, and set them up for the day!  They were happy out on the grass.  We had them set up around our lilac bush, which has an ant hill under it and dandylions, and thistle.  Lots of work for them to do.

We wanted to transplant our tomatoes before the temp was to hot.  We decided to put them in the raised beds behind the house.  Until now we hadn’t planted anything here, just lots weeding.

Here are our tomatoes! Hope they survive and thrive.

We finished up around 11:00 and realized we needed to run some errands in town, added to the list buying some more mulch and soil. Being that it was already 11:00 we went inside to prepare lunch for the children. We were pleasantly surprised by the hard work our children did with out being asked they had tidied and cleaned up almost every room of the house.

Children are such a blessing I forgot to get a picture of that, but oh my what a happy mommy was I… I can’t even express how blessed I am and was.

The girls put out the seed bombs we had made a couple weeks ago.  No idea if they will work or not, but a good place to test them out.

Seed bombs made from shredded paper and wild flower seeds.

We came home from town with six new strawberry plants, a Mrs. Honeyberry bush (to compliment the Mr. Honeyberry we bought a couple summers ago), a Lavender bush and some marigold flowers.  Apparently lavender and marigolds repel mosquitoes, so here’s hoping.

Mrs. Honeyberry next to Mr. Honeyberry.


We made a new strawberry patch out of one of the garden beds by raking up a mound and covering it with landscape fabric.  We spaced them out and hope to soon have a good sized patch.  Titus was really involved in this process, shovelling dirt onto the fabric for us to keep it from blowing away.


A very productive day today.

5 thoughts on “Working Hard and Hardly Working. Slowly Building our Hobby Farm

  1. What a family project , soon you will be almost see sufficient good luck with nice growing weather and enjoy some fresh fruit and vegetables, and soon some eggs as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your little farm is taking shape! Love the chickies, I speak ‘chick’ by the way if you need any interpretation! It is from being a farm girl, way back.
    Love the helpers and those muffins wet my appetite! Yummy!
    Fingers crossed on the seed bombs and new plantings.
    So, Baby Honeyberry’s soon?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes it is beginning to come together it seems. Oh that’s great that you can speak ‘chick’ not really sure what to ask, but we are happy to receive advice especially free advice! (Smiles) we went and checked on the seed bombs today and they look like something is chewing on it. (Cringe)
      Oh yes we really hope for baby Honeyberry’s soon.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sure the chicks are just saying ‘oh thank you very much for this wonderful place to live!’
        Sorry about the seed bombs, hard to know what to do about that when you don’t know what it is. Ground critters are hard to control for sure.
        I have no advice, you are way ahead of me!

        Liked by 1 person

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