Test Drive

We gave the chickshaw a test drive with a temporary roof. We parked it in the main garden and put up the portable fencing. The chicks took to it really easily. We had a couple escapees, but they stayed close and we were right there to shoo them back in.

We also planted a little bit more. I’ve been reading about potato towers and wanted to give it a shot. Essentially a potato tower is a vertical garden. You plant a potato and every time you hill it you add a layer and by the time you harvest, in theory, you could have a 100 pounds of potatoes from a single plant! That would be fantastic.

We moved all the seedlings we started out to the greenhouse to harden. We will plan to plant them in a couple of days.

Yay for spring!!

3 thoughts on “Test Drive

  1. Cool! Glad things came together for your chicksaw.
    Sounds great to plant potatoes that way. We thought we’d plant a few this year but will have to eat them all before we cross the border in late October so sure don’t want 100 lbs! 🙂


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