Wheels Up!

Almost done! Got the wheels installed and just have the roof left on the chickshaw. I’ve scrounged every piece of wood on this thing from around the yard, but I’m going to have to go and buy a few 2×4’s to finish. The only thing I had to buy so far was the hardware cloth for the floor and front sides. So this project is on hold until the next trip to town, or I find something to disassemble.

We did some planting in the main garden. We put some beets and onions in the ground. The beets like cold and are frost resistant. It hit the mid-20’s (Celsius) today and looking at the 14 day forecast we are trending that way.

May have to break tradition and just plant.

3 thoughts on “Wheels Up!

  1. Cool chicksaw. That is a word I’m not too familiar with so glad you included a picture!
    Just be careful what you take apart! 🙂
    Be wise in your choice of planting, I can tell you have the ‘itch’ to get things in the ground. I am just at the stage of ‘what will I plant this year. My garden is quite small but ample.

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