Back to Work

Got back to work on the chickshaw today. The side panels and door are installed, so just the wheels and roof are left.

The chicks went out to graze again as well. They seemed pretty pleased about it. I put them in the portable pen made from gazebo parts, much easier than the roll of hog fence we were using before.

It is amazing how fast these birds are changing. New feathers coming in and a noticeable change in size.

I caught one on top of the plastic tub chirping it’s head off. A rooster? Won’t know for a couple of months apparently.

Also roto-tilled the garden space this morning. Put the overgrown grass under and just a mild stirring of the dirt, trying to keep the soil ecosystem intact.

So we are ready to rock and roll!

2 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. Nice that things are taking shape , the chick are growing and the chickasaw looks wonderful, soon the garden will be planted and you will be busy again. Keep up the good work.


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