The Coop Continues, Plus Ants!

Work continued today on the chickshaw.  We made good progress and if the weather holds I figure another couple of days and it will be ready. I have to put some sides on, the roof and finally the wheels. The chickshaw is a mobile chicken coop. We can move it to where we want them to work, plus it self cleans.

The Chickshaw takes shape.  The milk crates will become the nesting boxes, the door/ramp will be front and center.  The rails on the bottom serve as perches for the chickens.

We put the chicks in the garden spot again today. They are so fun to watch as they scratch around. The small ant hill that was in this particular bed seems to have been vanquished which is great.

Mama Hen feeding his chicks.

I flipped a large decorative stone we have over in the strawberry patch and discovered a large ant nest underneath. Looks like a job for the chicks! I brought four of them over and they went to town. We have no shortage of ants on our property, we may have to get more chickens!

We had to move them inside shed early as the wind was picking up.  We watched a tree fall across the field from our house.  I didn’t have the temporary pen anchored at all so inside they go.

Titus and Abby playing tractor

The kids have been picking up a lot of the cooking responsibilities since we’ve been home.  Lots of cookies and brownies too.  It is great to see them taking these tasks on without complaint.  I wish they would take as much interest in keeping the laundry caught up, but I’ll take what I can get.

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