Kicked the Chicks Out

We picked up the few things needed from the hardware store this morning and got busy with the chicken coop.  We made fairly good progress and should be able to have it finished in the next couple of days.  We are building Justin Rhodes’ Chickshaw from his Permaculture Chickens book.

If you are not familiar with Justin, he and his family homestead in North Carolina and recently finished a Great American Farm tour where they visited all fifty states.  They were looking at all the backyard and small time farmers and learning some great ways of doing things.  They shared all of this with us through a daily vlog on youtube.  You can check it out here.

The chickshaw takes shape

I had a couple helpers today.  The boys helped with hammering and even sawing the wood.  They had a great time and I hope they learned something too.  Hopefully they want to keep going and help me to finish this thing.

My helpers today

We kicked the chicks out of the house as, quite frankly, they stink.  We didn’t appreciate the fresh barn smell coming from the closet anymore and as they seem to be thriving outside we felt comfortable doing this.  I set up a temporary pen out in the shed (the shed is insulated) with their heat lamp and they seem to like the extra space.

Temporary housing for chicks

Checked on them in the morning and I don’t think they slept, they just ate.  I don’t know if maybe I should shut the heat lamp off at night so they roost and just have the oil heater on low?  I’ll try that tonight.

The trees are finally showing their leaves and it raises all our spirits dramatically.  Unfortunately the mosquitoes are out and with all the standing water around here I am worried we are going to be over-run soon.

2 thoughts on “Kicked the Chicks Out

  1. I love that you are taking us step by stem. Our next venture will hopefully be chickens. Our biggest conundrum is traveling with chickens. We can get neighbors to water the garden while we are gone. But we aren’t sure what to do with imams while we take a holiday. It’s why we have been reluctant thus far to start doing chickens.


  2. Nice that your got the chicks moved out of the house, and a fun project you had with the boys. Good lucky with those nasty skeeters…


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