Starting the Coop, Putting the Chicks Outside

We took the chicks outside the last couple days. The sun was out and the temperature hit a nice 21 degree and 23 degree day. In fact I (and a couple kids) managed to get sun burnt.

We put up some temporary fences and brought the portable brooder outside. The chicks were not into it at first and I had to put them out on the grass a couple times. It wasn’t long and they were having a blast (at least it looked like they were enjoying themselves) rooting around in the grass.

We put them over a garden spot the second day and they went to work tilling the dirt and taking care of an ant hill. They are much happier outside (and so are we).

We got started on the coop, went as far as we can without going to the farm store. I also am repurposing an old gazebo into a chicken tractor. Also need to go to the farm store to finish this project.

The sprouts are doing great. I’m going to have to put some in pots sooner than later. Or I might take a risk and put them in the ground we will just have to watch the weather and cover them if necessary. The two week forecast looks favourable (we all know how trustworthy that is), but I am hesitant. I would rather transplant once rather than twice, but I don’t want to risk losing our crop either.

5 thoughts on “Starting the Coop, Putting the Chicks Outside

  1. I’m sure the chicks are much much happier, and your family too. So cute to watch them grow. I used to be a farm girl, way back when. 🙂
    Your creations are coming together and the weather sounds perfect. Believe! haha
    Your plants are coming along but still young for the cold ground.


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