Chick Days!

The chicks are here! We picked them up after lunch on Tuesday, much to the delight of the children. We ordered 25 mixed Rhode Island Red chickens and ended up with 26! We won’t know how many hens and roosters we have until they are about 3 months old (according to the internet).

They are a hoot to watch. Really active already, running around the brooder and pecking at everything. So far they have all survived and are looking healthy. They have appetites like our kids 😉.

We have some grouse (prairie chicken) in the yard too. The one male perches out on a stump, fluffs up and beats his wings on his chest. The whump whump he generates is quite loud and can be heard in the house. Our first spring on the acreage we heard the noise and couldn’t figure out what it was at first. Mating season apparently.

There is a prairie chicken in this photo

The kitten has managed to knock two of our seed trays on the floor in the last two days. I think we managed to save them, but makes me a bit grumpy. The sprouts are looking strong and I hope we can transplant them soon. My garden beds are still under water (and snow) though so we need some drying out.

Spring is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited (except for the mosquitos).

2 thoughts on “Chick Days!

  1. Nice that you got the chicks for the children to watch and enjoy, , soon the snow will melt sndmyour can get your garden planted,


  2. Aaaahhhh the baby chicks are adorable!! I remember a picture many moons ago of my daughter at 6 mths sitting on the ground with little yellow chicks running around and over her little chubby bare legs. Thanks for the reminder of how special new life is. Enjoy the fluffy things and good luck with the drying up.


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