Getting Ready

We received a phone call yesterday from the hatchery saying they would have a batch of chickens ready early and asking if we would like them. Well of course! The sooner we get them the sooner we can start harvesting eggs.

But we ain’t ready.

We’ve picked up some of the stuff we need, but we don’t have a brooder or a coop ready. We’d been gathering the materials needed for building one, but also waiting for the snow to go away to start.

So we built a porta-brooder. A plastic tub with a door cut into the side and air holes in the sides and we are done.

We will get to work on a coop for when they are bigger, but we can get them used to being on the grass and acclimated to outside so it isn’t a big adjustment for them.

We started a bunch of seeds and they are coming up nicely. Hopefully we can get them into the ground soon.

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