Further up, further in

We spent an extra day in Summerland waiting for highways to be more agreeable up north. It was nice to have the down time and visit with our friends. I did make a run to Penticton for fuel and groceries with Abby. We had fun in the Walmart looking at the cute kid dresses and riding the cart.

I filled a propane bottle and felt as though I was getting ripped off. $33 for a 30 pound tank! They seem to charge different depending on how they fill the thing. Something I need to look into I suppose.

The time came for us to leave and I pushed the home button on the GPS for the first time in 7 months. We decided to make the last push and get home. Our renters were out of the house and it was too cold to stay in the trailer, so away we went.

It was 8:30 am when we started out and the GPS calculated we would be home at 10:30 that night. We always add a couple hours for pee and fuel stops so I was figuring around midnight. We took highway 97 north through Kelowna to Kamloops, fuelled up and pressed on to the Yellowhead to Jasper.

The weather was nice and sunny, around 10 degrees centigrade. We had driven the Yellowhead many times and enjoy the curves and mountain views. This road takes you right into the shadow of Mount Robson, the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies.

Unfortunately it was hidden in the clouds this time. Shortly afterwards we came to the Alberta border. The kids were super excited about this.

A slower drive through Jasper National Park and we were in Hinton for another fuel and food stop. We had to choose which way we would go from here. There is the narrow mountain route through Grande Cache or the slightly longer way through Whitecourt. I checked the highway reports and the weather and decided to take the longer way. It was 7:30 when we departed from Hinton and was smooth sailing for about an hour.

We hit a crazy snow storm just before Whitecourt. On a normal day it is about three hours to home from there. Not tonight. I don’t think I have ever driven in such crappy conditions. Especially not with a trailer attached.

After struggling through slush, white outs, cross winds and idiot drivers, we pulled into our drive way at about 3 am….and got stuck. Not stuck close to the house, but at the end of our rather lengthy driveway. We just completed a 7 month, 18,000 km (11,000 mile) drive with no incidents, only to get stuck 500′ from our house.

It’s ironic, but seriously there is like 4 feet of snow and the driveway is narrow. Plus I was super tired and made a mistake. We are super grateful that we didn’t ditch on the highway somewhere, but now we are trapped in our yard until I can get the trailer free.

The bus was stuck too, but I managed to get it free and down the driveway to the house and we slept on the floor as we have no furniture. The kids are really happy to be back and that they have a mountain of snow to play in.

2 thoughts on “Further up, further in

  1. That is great that you had a fun winter, great weather and no incidents until the last 500 feet, but at least you are back in your house and warm again. Good luck with unsticking the trailer after you rest up. Sure was nice to meet up with you and meet the whole family.

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