Canada, we missed you! (Except it’s so cold)

March 25-26

After watching the weather for the last few days we decided it was time to go. We were sad to leave John and family, but we can’t stay forever.

We crossed the border at Sumas/Abbotsford with no trouble at all. The kids were so happy to be back that they sang “O Canada”.

We stopped in Chilliwack to say hi to my mom and made for the Coquihalla Highway. The forecast was calling for a lot of rain in the lower mainland of B.C. and we wanted to get over the summit before that.

Well, it snowed and the wind blew, but the road was good and we arrived in Merritt around 4:30 pm. The Walmart here is one of the few that welcome RVers to stay and so we did.

The wind blew all night and I had to hook up the generator as our battery was not up to the task of running the furnace all night.

The temperature stayed around freezing, but the wind cuts right through. I went into the Walmart for some breakfast muffins and asked the clerk if it was always windy here and she said the wind meant spring was here. Not sure I believe her.

I checked the weather and road reports again and we were looking good for our destination of Summerland. Sounds dreamy. We were on the road by 8:30, climbing over another mountain pass.

Little did I know that highway 97c in B.C. was crazy way to go, especially in March. The summit was 5669 feet! And of course it snowed.

There were times visibility was next to nothing. The steep bits we crawled up in second gear keeping pace with the big trucks. Going down I let the engine slow is as I was concerned stepping on the brakes too hard would put us into a slide. Fortunately it wasn’t long on the downhill before we were out of the snow.

Okanagan Lake was beneath us and we followed it’s shores south to get to Summerland. Not so summery I have to say. But we are set up for the night at a friends house and we will see what tomorrow brings.

3 thoughts on “Canada, we missed you! (Except it’s so cold)

  1. Glad you arrived safe and sound. Those pictures of the drive with all that snow did not look inviting. The kids look happy to be back in Canada and I assume that is your mother in the picture. They all look quite pleased!!! Although I don’t see any seat belts for the young folks.


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