Hanging with John

(March 14-24)

We are in Washington state near Bellingham for the last week visiting with our friend John and his family. We first met John back in Arizona and adopted each other as family.

John has taken us site seeing to a couple of beaches and other touristy attractions. We’ve shared several meals with his family and have formed a lifelong friendship.

Canada is an hour away from here, but we are waiting for a break in the weather to head for home (13 hours driving according to google maps) as they are getting a dump of snow currently.

2 thoughts on “Hanging with John

  1. Nice that you can hang out there and visit with John and his family and enjoy the local sights. Hopefully the weather will clear soon and you can finish the final leg of you journey, travel safe.

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  2. How lovely that you have made lifelong friends after meeting in Arizona. John sounds like a terrific ‘family’ member.
    Love the picture with you and the kids. I won’t guess at who they are, I would likely be wrong! 🙂 Safe travels, no rush now, just wait for the weather.

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