On our way

(Note: I’m behind on my posts. This happened a March 7-9)

We left the sunny state of Arizona with a mix of excitement and sadness. We loved our time there and all the friends we made, but are also ready to see what lies ahead.

Apparently it is California. We crossed into the state on I40 after topping up with fuel and a quick lunch. We decided to travel with the family we met up with in Parker and over half the kids rode in their class A.

There was a rather pointless stop at an inspection station shortly after crossing. The bored looking guy asked where we came from and waved us through. We had heard that they had a thing about citrus crossing into California and were all prepared to surrender our single lemon, but he didn’t ask.

Then it was a whole lot of uphill. The summit was 3900 feet if I remember correctly and we had a head wind to contend with to boot. Then it was a lot of downhill into the valley and Bakersfield, which was our destination.

We camped out at the local Walmart, a first for us. I can’t say I was overly excited about it. The lot was noisy most of the night and I had a hard time sleeping. But it is convenient to have a grocery store outside your front door.

The next day was much easier driving through the valley. It was nice to see all the orchards , a lot of which are in bloom. It did feel, however, like we were driving through a city for five hours. We stopped at another Walmart in the little town of Willow north of Sacramento (which was a little crazy) and had a much nicer night.

We had said goodbye to our friends as they were planning to spend some time in California and travelled here on our own. Our next stop, Oregon.

3 thoughts on “On our way

  1. Sounds like are making good time, the Walmarts are convenient for an overnight stop and some grocery shopping glad you survived 2 of them some can be very busy depending on their location. Continue to travel safely.


  2. You are making your way north without too many challenges. I’m sure the kids enjoyed riding in the Class A for awhile!
    Glad you got to keep your lemon. 🙂 Some Walmarts are a pain for sure, we’ve tried to avoid them more and more as they don’t make it easy for big rigs. There are many choices now. Cracker Barrels, Home Depots and actually many businesses with large lots don’t mind if you just ask. Safe travels!


  3. Glad to hear you’re making your way safely. Walmarts are convenient and easy to find, and usually in and out of as well. We use them for a fast over night stop. It’s much easier than trying to find RV parks and getting settled in for a night.

    Safe travels!


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