London Bridge….and Uranus

A few of us took a trip into Lake Havasu City today to have a look around with our a couple friends from BC (Marideth and Laurel stayed back with the dog).  The drive to Lake Havasu City from Parker is spectacular; it reminds me of the Fraser Canyon in British Columbia. Lake Havasu itself is spread out over a long distance and is definately a tourist destination.

Missing Marideth

The drawing feature of this town is the London Bridge.  Apparently a developer brought the bridge over from London and reassembled it back in the sixties.  I had no idea it was here until our friend John mentioned it a couple months back.  I have to say it is a sight to see.

Titus at the Channel watching the ducks.
We walked over to the other side

The area along the channel under the bridge is very nice, and it’s free!  There is lots of areas to walk around and enjoy the bridge and water without having to spend anything.  I did’t get to read all the plaques and signs as we had Titus with us, and he’s three…and busy.

A fountain in the middle of London Square.

We had a good time wandering around and will definately be back.  After we got home, and after supper we got to see Uranus in the west above the setting sun.  First time I’ve seen that!

Uranus is right in the middle between the power lines.

We are here for another day and then we are going to give dry camping a go on the other side of Lake Havasu City.

3 thoughts on “London Bridge….and Uranus

  1. London Bridge in Havasu is awesome! Glad you got to see it. Love the picture with Titus and the bridge. 🙂
    We dry camped on the north side where you can see the big Hand rock. At least that is what I call it. On the north side of it but there are many free areas to stay.
    Have fun!

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