Cracked my screen, oh my!

So for the first time ever I cracked the screen on my iPhone. This is my third phone and I have to say I was pretty proud of my record. I was even so cocky that I didn’t think I needed a case anymore.

Well the Bible does say pride comes before the fall. Sure enough I dropped it on the pavement and cracked it. Shoot.

It wasn’t too bad and I thought I could live with it as getting it replaced was about $90. But then I let Titus play on it while waiting for the windshield replacement and he dropped it on the concrete floor. Shoot. Chunks of the glass were now missing.

I ended up buying a replacement screen kit off of amazon for $26 (and a case for $10) and watched a couple of YouTube videos on the replacement procedure. What’s the worst that could happen?

The kit came with the necessary tools, the screen, a magnetic pad to keep track of the screws and a screen protector for after. The instructions were surprisingly good as a few reviewers on amazon stated otherwise. Lots of pictures 😁.

I started in the evening because I figured it would be better than in the day with the kids. I should know better. Curiosity was high among the younger kids. Darkness was also an issue and I had a portable light wedged in the window above my workspace to help. Well someone slammed the outside door and the light fell right in the midst of the operation.

I thought it was over at that point as the screws in these phones are very tiny and are all different lengths. They all have a very specific home and I had them placed on the magnetic pad which has a diagram showing their places. Well the falling light rearranged a few of them and one disappeared altogether.

Stop. Breathe. Count to ten. Start searching for the missing screw.

After a fruitless search of the floor and surrounding area, I found it inside the phone. Sigh of relief.

The operation continued. After about half an hour the phone was back together and working (yay). The only issue I seem to have is with my home button now sitting properly. Turns out I installed the plate that holds the button upside down.

All in all a successful operation. Money saved, skills learned, patience tested.

4 thoughts on “Cracked my screen, oh my!

  1. Oh that’s great Scott! We told you that you could do it! “No, Titus, you can’t play on my phone”…….sorry, just practicing for you. 🙂 ha ha.
    We will pop over in the morning before we leave to say goodbye. It has been a pleasure meeting you!


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