All Good Things…

Our time here is quickly coming to an end.  We have a week left before we start making our way home.  It is hard to believe that we’ve been here for three months already.  Our time here has been amazing and will be with us for a long time. It will be hard to say goodbye.

We have mixed feelings about leaving. We’ve built so many great relationships and have grown extremely comfortable here. In a sense we feel like this is home. At the same time there is an overall feeling of restlessness among all of us. A desire to get back on the road and have some more adventure.

This week has been spent getting the vehicle ready for the drive back.  We had the windshield replaced in Sierra Vista, and had the oil changed in Huachuca City. I flushed out the hot water tank and installed a new anode rod. This is something we have never dealt with as we hardly used our trailer before this year and it showed.

I will be doing the vinegar flush when we get home to get rid of the rest of the scale.

We will spend the next few days cleaning out the bus and trailer, trying to get everything back in it’s home. We also need to decide which way we are going home. The weather is probably the biggest factor we have to consider. Currently we are leaning towards the west coast route but still have some planning to do.

Made this in the instant pot the other night. Probably the best meal we’ve made with that thing since we acquired it.

I hope to have more frequent updates and posts as we travel. Until next time…

5 thoughts on “All Good Things…

  1. Glad that your have enjoyed your winter here and that you are getting things ready to hit the road again, Have went by your place a couple of times and not seen anyone home , we are back in the park until Thursday or so hope we can catch up again.
    That sure looks like one amazing tasty meal!


  2. The children seem to be enjoying themselves whenever I see them out and about and I’m sure this feels like ‘home’. At the same time I can understand after sitting still for 3 months, everyone is ready for a change. You and Laurel must be pretty good packers and have a nook and cranny for everything!
    Looks like a delicious meal!

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    1. Remembering which nook and cranny stuff was in is the trick lol. We did acquire some stuff while we were here as well so we have some decisions to make too. The fortunate thing about the minimalist journey is that it gets easier to part with things, especially when you are trading it for memories.


  3. Glad you’ve all enjoyed yourselves. It’s always sad to leave places that we become accustomed to but always exciting to see new adventures just over the hill or around the corner. Safe travels!!

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