Wind and Fire (Plus a new alternator)

It’s been a blustery few days here in south east Arizona. Gusts are nearly 50 km/h from the south west and rocking the trailer.

A fire started on the mountains to the north east of us the other afternoon. I’m happy that the wind was blowing the smoke away from us. By the next morning it had burned itself out and we could hardly tell anything had happened.

We drove to Sierra Vista to get groceries and let the kids play at the playground the other morning. My battery light had been coming on intermittently for a week or so, but this day it stayed on and the volt meter started to drop.

A little google searching and a strong hunch led me to believe that my alternator is faulty. Turns out the Ford Diesel engine we have has two alternators and the bottom one has a cracked casing. Called to parts store and have one on order for the following morning.

I spent about five hours switching out that alternator. When I got the old one out it was seized right up, glad I didn’t lose my belt! Getting the thing in there was tricky as it was wedged between the frame and the steering linkage, but I’m creative and “Tetrised” it in there. Test drive into town and back and everything seems to be working normally. Yay!! I neglected to take any pictures, but it was boring so here are some sunset pics instead.

4 thoughts on “Wind and Fire (Plus a new alternator)

  1. Nice that the fire was not too close and that you found the problem and replaced you alternator, all os good now. Should be warming up soon there again.


  2. Love the photo’s, very stunning.

    The vehicle repairs are never exciting except that they make things work well again. Glad you managed to get it repaired without too much cost and damage.

    I read about the fire in another blog. Lots of smoke and some pretty gusty winds. Glad things worked out well for you folks there.

    I’m curious as to how the young folks are enjoying their time there? It would be interesting to read about their experiences in the area and their views of the adventure as the time to return to Canada approaches.


  3. So glad you caught the alternator issue on time and nice that you are handy to fix it on your own. Those sunsets are beautiful! I missed that one! 🙂 We enjoyed your company last night!


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