Laundry Day – and “what’s that in the hose?”

Today was laundry day, also known as drudgery day according to our neighbours down the street. We’ve put the drudgery off for a few extra days and it sure piled up. We took it into Sierra Vista to the laundromat as the park here is full and finding the machines available is like winning the lottery (or you have to go in the middle of the night).

All total we had nine loads. The machines we used were all double or triple loaders so we would have been all day here. It was really good to get that all done and we have grand intentions of downsizing the craziness some more.

The other fun thing involved dumping the tanks today. I generally have to dump the black tank every other day. I went and pulled the valve and went to have a chat with our neighbour while gravity did all the work. I came back to find this (look away if you are squeamish):

What the heck is that??

I didn’t want to try and flush that down the line and cause a blockage so we had to open the hose and not spill on the ground. A box and a garbage bad did the trick.

It was a bread bag. I figure that our three year old was having some ‘me’ time in the bathroom and flushed that. Makes me wonder what else he’s disposed of.

Crisis averted, laundry done. Good day.

2 thoughts on “Laundry Day – and “what’s that in the hose?”

  1. Nice that you got the laundry done, and were able to get that bread bag out of you hose without causing ad major problems .Oh the things kids will do, memories….


  2. A successful day all around. I always like the END of laundry day when everything is clean and put away, the basket is empty and it’s such a good feeling.
    Glad you managed to get the bread bag out without too much difficulty. Kids will be kids …


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