Lunar Eclipse, and Breakfast

Yesterday morning we got up at three am to take in the super blue blood moon. For those who don’t know, the moon is at it’s closest point in its orbit of earth which gives it the super part of the name. Blue moon refers to the fact that it is the second full moon of the month (which usually only happens every 2.5 years but will happen again in March) and the blood moon is, of course, the lunar eclipse. This particular combination happens every hundred and fifty years or so, once in a lifetime you might say.

We had brought our telescope with us but had yet to use it on this trip. We invited our friends to join us for breakfast at the clubhouse, so at three thirty am we were carrying stuff to make pancakes and a telescope across the rv park. The eclipse started around four thirty local time, peaked at around six thirty and set behind the mountains just after seven around the time the sun came up.

Breakfast consisted of pancakes, eggs, bacon and muffins. It was a fantastic feast and was well received by the kids.

We had a good time eating and fellowshipping and watching the moon slowly fade and disappear.

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