Christmas Blessings

Another holiday season has passed us by, and we were blessed beyond measure.

We’ve been at the same rv park for nearly a month now and have made some lifelong friends. John has blessed us with many fine meals and really great company. Pat brought gifts for the kids on Christmas morning and couple across the way brought us a huge ham and piles of gifts for the kids.

The park organized a potluck on Christmas Day in the afternoon which we attended. It was a great meal and we had people coming up to us and complementing us on how great our children are and how wonderful it is to have kids in the park. I don’t say this to brag about our parenting, rather it is so humbling and encouraging for us to hear. We tend to forget what a blessing children are and focus on the negative aspects of being an adult. To hear such comments, especially from the seniors, is heart warming.

We feel fortunate to be here and to have celebrated Christmas with such wonderful people. We came on this journey with thoughts and intentions of blessing others with our labor. We never realized that we could be a blessing by just showing up and giving people an opportunity to be generous.

Have a very merry Christmas season and a happy new year!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Blessings

  1. So glad that you are enjoying it there. You children are so well behaved and yes when we winter in the southwest seeing children is a rare event. And so wonderful that people are generous as well. If to see the Stinger Motor home (looks like a bee Black and yellow) that is fellow bloggers that we know, Tom and Diane say Hi and you can say that you know us too.
    Their potluck dinners there are excellent.


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