Chiricahua Monument – December 20, 2017

Our good friend John took us on an adventure yesterday. We took a drive over to the Chiricahua Monument to look at a bunch of rocks!

On the way there we stopped at the Texas Canyon rest stop to look at some rather large rocks. We noticed this pass on the way here but didn’t stop because we were trying to get to Quail Ridge before the office closed. The kids did some scrambling and away we went.

Chiricahua is an amazing site to see, well worth the drive. We stopped first to have a picnic lunch and be entertained by some blue birds. Whether or not the names of these birds is “blue birds” or not is something we don’t yet know, but they are blue and they are birds, so for now they are blue birds.

Anyway, we walked a short distance at the picnic site and saw a couple of deer, some very interesting trees and a very dry creek bed. From there we drove a very narrow road up a couple thousand feet to the summit lookout.


Wow is all I can say. Could see clear into Mexico! Lots of rocks balancing in ways that seem impossible on columns. We explored a little and started heading home.


I opted to retrace our steps back on the interstate as I really didn’t want to travel after dark, otherwise we would have taken the scenic route back through Tombstone.

I am constantly amazed at the sheer diversity in landscape here in Arizona, and the US in general. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

3 thoughts on “Chiricahua Monument – December 20, 2017

  1. That is one amazing place to explore, so glad that you got to check it out, all the different scenery here in the southwest is really something to experience, If you see a motorhome there at Quail ridge bright yellow and black, that would be Tom and Diane Say Hi for us.
    Keep having too much fun.


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