December 10, 2017 – Huachuca City Arizona

Another quiet day here in Arizona. Did some cleaning, did some cooking and, of course, did some eating.

Made pancakes for breakfast (kids favourite) and baked up a tiny spiral ham and mashed potatoes for supper.

Christmas is coming and it is hard for us to remember that. If people didn’t have lights and decorations on their trailers I would swear it was still fall. We don’t know what exactly we will do for Christmas as of yet, not sure about presents and such for the kids because of the limited space.

John came over again this morning and gave us a lot more ideas of things to go see and do around here. He is such a nice man and just loves to visit.

Caught Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner behind our trailer. Not sure what kind of shenanigans they were planning, but it never turned out good on tv.

One thought on “December 10, 2017 – Huachuca City Arizona

  1. Hard to believe it’s almost Christmas for certain. Perhaps tickets to an event or location that they’ve wanted to visit could be substituted for a ‘thing’ that takes up space. Just a thought. Glad you’re getting the scoop on things to see and places to go. Always helpful when folks do that.


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