Tombstone – December 5, 2017

We finally made it!  The place we’ve been talking about going for the last couple of weeks, Tombstone Arizona.IMG_9972

We walked from the free parking down Allen Street to the courthouse which is now a museum.  Along the wooden boardwalks were lots of rustic looking stores, a stagecoach and lots of cowboys.


We wandered around the museum for a while checking out the exhibits, sat on a genuine saddle and rang the old school and firehouse bells.  They have a really great display about the infamous shoot out at the O.K. Corral (which was actually a couple lots down the street from the corral).


Titus and Abby were getting impatient and we were all hungry so we walked back to the parking lot down Toughnut Street and stopped for a photo at the Million Dollar Stope.


We decided to bring everyone back to the camper for food and a nap and will go back to Tombstone soon!

2 thoughts on “Tombstone – December 5, 2017

  1. Nice that you finally got there to see some of it, Pretty quiet during the week much more fun on the weekend people dress in period costumes, cowboys and stage coaches. Boot Hill is fun to walk through and is free.

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  2. I’m certain the wee folks were all excited by the cowboys! What a great place to visit. I’m sure you’ll all have lots of fun on each visit. Even just looking around is fantastic. We enjoyed our day there.

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