It’s been a few days…December 9, 2017

The wifi here has been spotty (nonexistent at our site) and we haven’t really been doing much the last few days. The other morning we woke up to frost and I was sure glad the furnace was working. The temperature here was the same as at home, except it warmed up here during the day.

We finally made our way to Tombstone earlier in the week. We toured the courthouse museum and walked a couple of the streets and called it a day. Titus wasn’t really into being quiet or staying close so we headed back home and will try again soon. (I’ll post some pictures soon).

Other than that we’ve just been enjoying the days at the campsite. Today we met a man named John who is in his 80’s and hails from Washington state. He gave us lots of great ideas about what to go and see. He was super charming and we had a great visit.

Have a great evening!!

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