Full time in your face type of adventure!

We are loving the new places, meeting new people. Experiencing all these new to us things.

We are a family of nine trying to learn how to live fuller lives with what we have.

Tonight our kids shared a few of there joys of travelling full time, and some of the reasons they feel sad.

Name Esther, 14.

Why I love to travel full time, I like being able to see all the beautiful horses, and peoples yards. Such as the unique trees and plants and homes.

What has been your favourite place so far?

The lake at elephant butte, and the playground was awesome too.

What makes you saddest about being away from home?

Missing the cousins and the accessibility home gives of being able to be in touch with family and friends.

I really had a great birthday!and I really like being 14. Even though I still forget most of the time that I am.

Thank you for all your kind birthday wishes.

Marideth, 12,

My most favourite thing about traveling full time, is that we are all together.

Also that everything in the camper is easily accessible, because we are in a tiny living space.

I miss the snow, and ice skating. And warming up with hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies after playing outside in the cold.

Georgia, 11,

I love meeting new people and making new friends, also seeing new places.

Ulrich, 9,

I like all the neat rocks and bugs and seeing the differences between our Canadian money and the American money. They have some really big coins.

Éowyn, 6,

I really like all the playgrounds and picnics. And the fact I can wear shorts and sandals because the weather is so warm.

Both Georgia and Éowyn said they miss home.

Abby and Titus are still pretty little but I can assure you they both love and hate travelling full time! 🙂

Please send us some questions, and we will do our best to answer you.

4 thoughts on “Full time in your face type of adventure!

  1. Nice that they are sharing their thoughts, and all appear to be enjoying all the new places. One thing they can look forward to is getting back together with there family in the summer. We look forward to that as well.

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  2. Excellent views from all those young people. Missing family and friends is a normal reaction, and it makes seeing them again that much more special. As travelers what advice would you give your cousins/friends/young people your own age if their parents wanted to do what you are all doing?

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