December 4, 2017 – Birthday on the Road

Today is a special day.  Today is Esther’s birthday.  Today she is 14.  14!!  Already?!

We cannot believe how fast the time has gone.  14 years ago we were thrust into a new dynamic with the birth of our first child.  This was brand new territory for us, we were newly married and newly parents.  Fast forward and we now have 60 years of parenting experience between us, even though I’m only in my 40’s.  (I added the ages of the children together to get this number).

It is tradition in our family for the birthday person to pick the menu for the day.  Esther chose pancakes for breakfast, summer borscht for lunch and pasta for supper.  All delicious choices for sure, but a lot of work for the cook.  We had picked up a cake the day before from the Wal-mart which we ate in the middle of the afternoon.  I realized as I was placing the candles on the cake that if we switched the numbers around we got my age.  How often does that happen?

Breakfast frenzy
New earrings, So happy
Summer borscht, yummy.

We were all feeling a little under the weather today so we kept everything fairly low-key, just some walk-a-bout in the rv park.  Lots of cool looking clouds today.  We let the kids play on the Wii in the bus for a bit and just tried to relax.  This evening we recounted the birth stories of each of the children much to their delight.  They all love to hear these tales, and we tell them a couple of times a year.


Hope you all had a blessed day.

7 thoughts on “December 4, 2017 – Birthday on the Road

    1. Hi, welcome to the blog. Yes we are all living in our travel trailer, nine of us! We left our house in September and have travelled from Alberta Canada down to Arizona for the winter. We plan to travel for the next few months for sure, but haven’t made this a permanent thing…yet. Thanks for checking us out.

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