December 2, 2017 – Fairbanks Arizona

The general store and post office, closed in 1972

Today six of the kids and I took a short drive to Fairbanks to have a walk-a-bout. It was a good day for that as it was overcast and a comfortable temperature for walking.

There are only a few buildings there and the only one you can enter is the old school-house, which is now a museum and store. All the old school desks were still there and there are displays around the outside walls.  The lady working there provided us with a brief history of the town. I’m fairly certain we were the only ones there.

The old school house, in use until the 1940’s.  Had up to 16 students at one point.


The trails were quite spectacular and we hiked out half a mile to the cemetery and had a look around. The graves were mostly piles of rocks with crosses on them, I was expecting tombstones.  None of them had a name or marker on them, but still very interesting.  The trail kept on going, there is an old mill out there somewhere, but we turned around shortly after.  Found out when we got back that the mill was over a mile out, so glad we didn’t press on.


We got rained on a tiny bit while walking and I ended up carrying Titus most of the way.


We got back to the camper and supper was ready for us, which was awesome.  And to cap off the night we had a fairly beautiful sunset.


2 thoughts on “December 2, 2017 – Fairbanks Arizona

  1. Nice to see that you got out and about Fairbanks is what was once a pretty thriving community, train platforms as well beside the river. Just let you imagination run wild.


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