Our 1 Monthaversary- November 30, 2017

We have now been here in the United States for one month!  Man the time is flying and we are having a blast.  We have met so many great people, seen some truly amazing sights and have traveled further than we have ever gone before.

Cactus at the campground in Arrey New Mexico

We are still here in south east Arizona, enjoying the warmth.  We’ve had a pretty low-key week due mostly to illness.  We paid for another week so as to be able to see some of the sights here.  It sure is nice to not be in a hurry to get anywhere in particular.

Not 100% sure where we will be going from here, west most likely.

Found this critter not quite dead while using the wi-fi in the Quail Ridge RV park near Huachuca City Arizona

I really wish I had started blogging before we crossed over.  We had actually started the site over a year ago, just didn’t really do anything with it.

Here are a few pictures from before the blog…

First Picture in America, just after crossing the border in Montana
The Devil’s Tower in Wyoming
Woke up to snow in Sundance Wyoming…gotta keep moving
Panoramic of the KOA campground in Douglas Wyoming
Historic Route 66 campground in Edgemont New Mexico

Thanks for tuning in. Lots more to come.

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