Day 29 – November 28, 2017 Huachuca City Arizona

We have been here nearly a week already. We haven’t accomplished much in the way of touristy things as of yet. Laundry, organization and rest have been on the menu.

Eowyn and Titus were sick as well and that slows everything down.

We have been able to catch up with George and Suzie (Our Awesome Adventure) whom we met at Elephant Butte. We have also met some other new friends Deb and Riley from Canada (A Long Lonesome Highway).

Today we just drove to Sierra Vista to get some food and find a playground for the kids. The one we ended up at had real nice grass, which we haven’t seen for a while.

When we finished supper we all headed over to see George and Suzie and to say goodbye as are hitting the road. Sure was nice to visit with them.

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Day 29 – November 28, 2017 Huachuca City Arizona

  1. It sure was nice to see the whole family again and thanks for stopping on by on our last day here. am sure we will run into you again. Travel safe and enjoy your travels wherever you go.

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  2. Glad you are enjoying some of your time in the southwest. Not fun when the little ones are sick. Taking your time and seeing as much as possible while on a budget is another thing you’ll have to work at. You will also be running into more Canadians as the winter weather will send a lot of Retired Snowbirds south for the winter..
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

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  3. Glad the little folks are feeling better. Thanks for the shout out. It was great to meet some of you and look forward to perhaps meeting the rest some day. Enjoy the weather.

    Take care, be safe,


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