Day 17 – November 16, 2017 White Sands National Monument New Mexico

Loved the ripples in the dunes

Today we finally made it to the White Sands and WOW! What an amazing sight to see. The weather was perfect (27 Celsius or more) and we couldn’t have asked for a better day.  The sky was an amazing blue, the sand a blazing white.

The drive from Arrey to the sands was scenic, especially the pass over the mountains east of Las Cruces. Coming over that pass and to see that huge valley spread out under us was breath taking.  This is where the U.S. military tests out missiles and rockets.  Close to here is where the first nuclear tests took place.

Panoramic from the top of the dune, the top of the bus is visible in the picnic area

Driving the Dunes Road, we felt like we were back home driving through snow drifts. We pulled over and the kids had a ball climbing the dunes and sliding back down.  It was deceptive as it was smoking hot out and yet we felt as though we were in the snow.  Even the parking lot looked like it was crusted over with ice and snow.

The mountains rising up in the background were spectacular

The sand is cool and soft and is really fine, the kind you would expect to find in an hour glass.

Handprints in the sand
Another panoramic
All smiles

The park is really nice, and cheap.  It cost us $10 ($5 per adult) and is good for 6 days!  There are lots of places for picnicing, hiking and more.  We want to go again.

They ask that you don’t take any sand in containers with you when you leave, but I think we had enough in shoes and pockets to fill one.  The floor of the bus is nearly white with sand.

This was a really great day.  We were all hot and tired when we got home (2 hour drive each way) but definately worth it!IMG_9798

Messed up the settings on the camera and got some cool shots by accident


Making sand angels


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