Day 15 – Laundry November 14, 2017 Arrey New Mexico

(wi-fi was down last night)

Laundry…need I say more.  The dreaded chore that never ends.  Last time we did laundry was when we were staying in Edgewood, just outside of Albuquerque.  We drove into Albuquerque to a laundromat and had enough laundry to take up nine machines.  The great thing about this laundromat was that they gave you a free dry with a wash, saved us some coin.  Were were in and out within 2 or 3 hours.

The facilities here are quite nice. I had the place to myself for a couple hours and ran through 8 loads, cost me $26 which seems pretty reasonable. The park at Edgewood was $3 a wash and $3 a dry and this place is half that.  The kids were playing monopoly while I was gone.

Upon my return to the camper we found another load or two of laundry tucked here and there (sigh), but that’s for another day.

We had a visit from a giant tumbleweed today. This thing was huge enough the kids were talking about turning it into a fort.


There is a pond here with a couple of ducks to visit, they have their own house boat.


The temperature had climbed to 24 degrees centigrade by lunch and we gave into turning on the ac. We decided to stick around home today and venture out tomorrow. We are planning to drive to the White Sands National Park and check that out.


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