Day 12

We are really enjoying our time here at Elephant Butte.  We can’t get over how beautiful it is here.  I has been great to be stopped for a while and relax.  We are still trying to get our trailer and bus organized so as to make life easier.  I’m sure this will be a work in progress forever.

We enjoyed our coffee outside this morning looking over the lake.  We had visits from some cute fluffy bunnies and the quail.

The kids named him Peter.

The excitement for today was overflowing our grey water tank.  I had already decided that we needed to go an dump our tanks, but did not realize how badly until the sink in the kitchen wouldn’t drain after doing the breakfast dishes and discovering our bath tub was half full (sigh).  Fortunately it was the grey and not the black, although I’m sure it wasn’t far behind.

Had a great visit with a full-time couple George and Suzie from Canada who gave us some great advice and encouragement. (a link to their blog here:  We are headed in the same general direction and hope to run into them again.

The park today was much busier as it is the weekend and the weather is so great.  We decided to keep the kids close to the camper today as they had three days in a row of sunshine and swimming and there are some sunburns and general irritability amongst them.  We have one more full day here for sure, but still have the option of staying a few more if we want to.  It would be very easy to just stay here, (Eowyn asked me if we could stay here forever today) but there is so much more out there to go and see.

The sunset this evening.

6 thoughts on “Day 12

  1. Found your blog through George and Suzie so thought I’d give it a read. Welcome to the blog world. We loved Elephant Butte last year. This is our second year doing this full-timing thing. Enjoy your travels!


  2. I’m with Eowin – I want to stay there forever, too. But you can always return. That’s the good thing about traveling with a house on wheels – you can leave when you want, and return when you want. It all depends on the weather and your dreams.

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  3. When I read about your family from George, I thought what a wonderful family. The experiences your kids are getting and also hands on school. We are not full time but love reading about others adventures. May God bless you and your family.


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